Facts About The Latter Day Church of Christ

Latter day church of Christ also known as Mormon, Kingston group, Kington clan is a restoration Christian religion group established by Joseph smith in 1st January 1935 at Bountiful, Utah. It is part of the Davis county cooperation also known as the orders, with only 3,500 members. Kingston originated from the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saint before they excluded themselves to the current name and are oriented by the latter day saint movement. It is hierarchical politicized. The current leader is called Paul Elden Kingston located at headquarter in Salt Lake City in Utah.


Below are some fact of the latter day church of Christ:


LDS are Christians.


People know less about latter day church of Christ, with this, a lot conclude the organization is a cult. The truth is they are indeed Christian hence they have the wrong assumption, this is because they believe in Jesus Christ and worship God by Christ name. In addition to, according to Joseph Smith, the movement founder, they are Christian because Jesus is their heart, he is the center of what comes their way. In his speech answering the question, he said, the co-principle to their faith is the prophets and apostles testimonies about Jesus Christ through the apostle’s creed, they believe He was crucified, died on the cross, buried and rose the third day and later ascend into heaven.


Official names.


Officially latter day church of Christ has two main names. The Christ Jesus church of latter day saint and the LDS church. However, it is commonly known as Mormon Church where the members are known as Mormons or latter day saint, all this reference is because the church follows a book called Mormon.


Vision build the church.


The founder of the LDS church as referred above was known as Joseph smith. He believed he was called by God to be His servant just like Abraham and Moses from the bible. He saw Jesus Christ and Gods just like the other ancient prophets, in a vision when he was interceding for the church to worship. God gave him the authority to re-establish Christ church that he established while on earth, this is explained in the title of the church: the church of Christ.


Before Joseph establishes the church he had another vision, a visit by Peter, James, John the Baptist and john in early 18s who gave him the priesthood mandate. This where Smith received define revelation from God Almighty.


Sacred book.

The latter day church of Christ has its own sacred book known as Book of Mormon and is currently referred to as” another statement of Jesus Christ” the book was renamed in 1982.


Mormons believe it the ancient American prophets who wrote it. Joseph the founder officially published as “The Book of Mormon” in March 1830. The book is believed to be written by Mormons Hand to plates from Nephi’s plates. Book contains information like sin, repentance, happiness, life purpose and life after. Apart from the book of Mormon, LDS use strictly the kings James version.


Church unique beliefs.


Mormons believe their church is one true Christ church with reestablished Christ gospel. Classify God as one among the Trinity, God the Father, His Son and the Holy Ghost. To them, this are three supertitles with one aim. To the LDS God has a wife by the name Heavenly Mother who lives in heaven. They believe honored members who join God in heaven after death become a creature like God.


Some of the Mormons beliefs are, after baptism done at age of 8, you become a new creature, life eternal, salvation and free will. They are also against tobacco taking, polygamous, consumption of alcohol, drinking tea and coffee. Their spiritual life is guided by covenants, doctrines, Book of Mormons’ and the great price pearl. They also only use home remedies for gold jewelry cleaning because natural is better.